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Cosmetics & toiletries

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Propylene glycol USP/EP (pharmaceutical grade) is one of the most widely used formulation-enabling substances. It is used in more than 4000 cosmetic products.

Propylene glycol USP/EP (pharmaceutical grade) provides lipstick with its consistent texture, preserves the homogenous constituency of body lotions containing both oil and water, maintains the long-term fragrance of perfumes, and ensures that shampoos foam nicely.

Applications of propylene glycol USP/EP (pharmaceutical grade) in cosmetics and toiletries include products in

  • personal care: bath and shower soaps, gels, face cleansers, shaving foams, after shave, antiperspirant deodorants, roll-ons, sticks, lipsticks, fragrances, perfumes
  • skin care: hand, body and facial moisturisers, sunscreen products
  • hair care: shampoos, conditioners, styling gels
  • oral care: mouthwashes, toothpaste
  • baby care: wipes, antiseptics
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