Propylene Glycol

MPG: Features

Propylene Glycol: A multi-talent

With its unique combination of properties propylene glycol supports many uses.

  • It serves as a solvent
  • connects and stabilises insoluble fluids (emulsifier)
  • helps to bind and transport other substances (excipient)
  • holds and dissolves active ingredients equally in a medium
  • attracts/holds water/moisture (hygroscopic)
  • reduces the freezing point
  • increases the boiling point
  • offers outstanding stability with high flash and boiling points

The propylene glycol molecule is chemically neutral, i.e. it usually does not react with other substances. This is a particularly helpful property in the combining of contrasting chemicals, for example in a perfume, to create a single, homogeneous fluid.

Propylene Glycol in perfumes

By emulsifying active ingredients, which otherwise would not mix, propylene glycol helps to create a stable homogeneous fluid allowing for the intended final product, such as a face cream or shampoo to perform its function.