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Propylene Glycol

Heat transfer fluids

One substance - multiple benefits

In engine coolants, propylene glycol is mainly used to reduce the freezing point of the liquid, thus preventing the cooling system and the engine from corrosion, overheating and freezing.

Propylene glycol in burst protection liquids

In burst protection liquids, propylene glycol, with its inherently high boiling point, lowers vapour pressure. When fluids freeze they expand in volume, which can cause pipes or other containment vessels to rupture. When a water-glycol mixture becomes colder, it retains its flow ability and does not create added pressure in pipes or vessels. This makes it an ideal solution for burst protection in pipe and containment systems.

Applications include:

  • pipes and tubes
  • solar panel systems
  • temperature-sensitive uses with engines or under extreme conditions
  • marine transportation.