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Propylene Glycol

Paints & coatings

Sustainable protection under demanding conditions

Propylene glycol contributes substantially to the protective power of paints and varnishes by helping preserve surfaces, protecting buildings against weathering and maintain the quality and beauty of floors in high-traffic areas. It also facilitates their handling and use in other professional applications:

  • as a raw material in the production of alkyd resins for paints and varnishes, propylene glycol controls both the flexibility as well as the hardness of the coatings
  • in latex-based architectural paints, propylene glycol is used to provide freeze and thaw stability
  • for manufacturing printing inks, certain varnishes, paints or coatings, a special process is required which includes the use of UV-radiation: here di- and tri- Propylene glycol is used in this case because it not only produces low emissions, but also enables increased energy efficiency.
Propylene glycol in paints